STD SYMPTOMS? Worried about Sexually Transmitted Diseases? Get an At-Home STD Test.

The uncertainty of not knowing if you have an STD causes anxiety. How stressed are you about chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and other STDs?Get Tested. Get Treated. Get on with Your Life!


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Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and other common STDs don't always show symptoms.

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STD-Testing from Home. Is It Accurate?

You do not need to see your doctor to get certified, licensed STD-testing


STRESSED about the COST of STD-Testing? 

Of course, if you go to your doctor, you’ll be paying not only for the STD Test but also for the cost of your office visits (plus all the time spent sitting in their waiting room.)

Yes, certainly, it may be tempting to let your insurance pay for tests through your doctor but then your test and its results will become part of your medical record…  and that may come back to bite you again and again in years to come.

It just makes good sense not to trade away details about your private life to save a few dollars.

So testing on your own at a Certified STD-Testing Lab (or at home with a mail-in Lab-Accurate STD-Testing Kit) not only preserves your privacy but may — in the end — be less expensive.

NOTE: If you test “positive” you can consult (for free) with a physician (on-line or by phone) about your treatment options. (It’s included as part of your lab-visit or mail-in kit.)


Tip: After getting treated for STDs, get tested again.


Get Tested Secretly for STDs and STIs at a certified STD-Testing Lab.

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GET TESTED SECRETLY? This site is to help you get tested “secretly” — without your family or friends or colleagues or even your doctor knowing.  However, if your results come back “positive” for certain STDs (such as HIV) then the laws and regulations determining whom your lab must report that information to varies by state and location.

So be sure to ask the laboratory what happens if your tests come back “positive” — ask what information will be shared and with whom.

To learn more about the complexities of “confidential” and “anonymous” testing and various reporting regulations… Click Here.

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